Seminar calendar

After some discussions it was decided that we will take a break in our joint Algebraic Geometry Seminar Linz - Wien in the upcoming semester. Instead we will meet for a joint workshop in a nice place at the end of the semester.

Possible future topics

  • This topic is an example (David1 and David2, 2 sessions):
    • More details about the topic go here. I would recommend maximum 2 lines, no need to give too many details. It's a good idea to list a few prerequisite concepts.

Favourite topics from voting, in parentheses the number of sessions estimated.

  • Divisors: ample and very ample divisors and associated maps; Riemann-Roch theorem (1-2).
  • Singularity theory: Classification of singularities and other generalities (1); talk by someone who knows the field to see if we want more.
  • GAGA: 1-day lecture-overview by someone who knows it.
  • Resolution of singularities: resolution of curve singularities (Hauser-Regensburger); comparison with higher dimension (1-2).
  • Schemes: definition and many examples with the intention of gaining intuition for future appearances (1); talk by Josef and/or Niels on their views (alternative definition/approach?).
  • AG in robotics: talk by Brian on some applications and problems; further discussion of what he proposes (1).
  • Cohomology: to be discussed in 2009.

Linz, Mon 26.Jan.2009

  • Talk: "" by Alexandra Fritz.
  • Talk: "Riemann-Roch teorem in algebraic number theory" by Claudia Scheimbauer.
  • Talk: "" by Eleonora Faber.

Vienna, Tue 13.Jan.2009

  • Workshop: Divisors:
    • Divisors and curves: Riemann-Roch; classification of curves
    • Divisors and surfaces

Linz, Mon 15.Dec.2008 (cancelled)

Vienna, Tue 25.Nov.2008

  • Workshop: Divisors:
    • Recap of vector bundles
    • Definitions of presheaf and sheaf
    • Correspondence between vector bundles and locally free sheaves of finite rank
  • Talk: "Numerical Statistics and zeros of polynomials" by Josef Schicho.

Linz, Mon 17.Nov.2008

Vienna, Tue 4.Nov.2008

Linz, Mon 20.Oct.2008

  • Workshop: Divisors:
    • more details on what we did previously and examples
    • brief recap of the class group, exercises were proposed
  • Talk: "Singularities and knots" by Madalina Hodorog.

Vienna, Tue 7.Oct.2008

  • Workshop: Divisors:
    • overview of basic definitions and examples
    • divisors of rational functions
    • linear systems and associated maps
  • Talk: "Report on the state of the art in resolution of singularities in positive characteristic" by Herwig Hauser.
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