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21st - 25th of September is the date of the "ÖMG-DMV Tagung" in Graz, Austria. Some of our working group might be passing by?

I haven't planned anything for August, September yet. Maybe except around the first of September.

As per Josef's email, we will not meet until August-September at least. Please put your bad dates in the other thread which I have started.

Gasthof Ottensteinerhof, Peygarten. It is close to the Stausee Ottenstein, the largest and "urigest" of the three Stauseen of the creek Kamp in Waldviertel. The seminar room will be in Rastenfeld, Gasthof Huber, 2 km away, we could either walk or go with cars.

We have some very attractive offers, but they were for the old suggestion, I need to negotiate again. For this purpose, I would need precise information about date and number of people as soon as possible.

Place for workshop 2009 by obiwankenobiobiwankenobi, 03 Jun 2009 09:35

In the week July 6-10, Madalina, Niels, and David are not here. The above suggestion failed, so it seems that we can only meet on a weekend, or not at all.

I am always against working on weekends, but if everybody else is agreeing I would give in as a minority. The suggestion for the weekend is June 27-29.

both of this suggestions are okay for me,
between these two dates I would prefer the week 22.06 to 25.06., but maybe we have a problem here since there are still classes..

Re: Time for workshop 2009 by alexfritzalexfritz, 02 Jun 2009 10:47

I would like to be on holiday on 26 June, so my proposal would be the same as Niels.


Re: Time for workshop 2009 by HGaborHGabor, 27 May 2009 12:58

I also travel in the beginning of July. I assume it will be 3 days, no? Good dates for me are the week of 22.06 to 26.06, and the three days 29.06-01.07. About the place, last year's was ok; I don't know much between Linz and Vienna so I cannot suggest anything new.


Maybe we can agree already for a time for the workshop? The problem is that i have to be at latest 3 July in the Netherlands. In order to have a cheap ticket i have to book soon.

My proposal is to have the workshop 29-6-2009 until 1-7-2009.


Time for workshop 2009 by NLNL, 22 May 2009 15:17

After some discussions it was decided that we will take a break in our joint Algebraic Geometry Seminar Linz - Wien in the upcoming semester.
Instead we will meet for a joint workshop in a nice place at the end of the semester.

Re: TOPICS FOR Summer Term 2009 by DW13DW13, 26 Feb 2009 13:13


We offer two possibilities for meeting:

- Tuesday, 3rd in Vienna (Josef has to go there for a lecture so it's convenient)
- Monday, 9th in Linz (always good when others come here!)

We have a seminar talk on Tuesday 10th so we can't go there that day. We can also meet later than suggested above.

Also, we have no topics decided (or people to talk about them) yet. We have discussed here and none of us can really give a lecture for the 3rd.



Meeting in March? by davidsevilladavidsevilla, 25 Feb 2009 16:10

Correction: my volunteering is only under the condition that the first meeting is on 9.3., not for 3.3.


I volunteer as a speaker (lecture part, not research talk part). Title/topic is the topology of an isolated hypersurface singularity. The main (and only) reference is gonna be the book "Singular points of complex hypersurfaces", pp 45-71 and pp 81-97.

There is also the question about time. I propose either Tuesday 3.3. in Vienna or Monday 9.3. in Linz.

Best regards,


Some topics:

  • ADE-Singularities (A,C,D): canonical forms of semiquasihomogeneous power series, different characterizations of ADE-sings
  • GAGA
  • Etale Topology
TOPICS FOR Summer Term 2009 by capitalCcapitalC, 28 Jan 2009 08:57

In my case, it is not of great interest to have a whole series of talk about one topic. I am always interested to learn new concepts, new methods so I might use them at some point to solve some problems. For example, the first session on divisors where people introduced divisors was the best seminar for me. But it makes no sense for me to spend several month (and actually 10% of my time, that is one days every two weeks) on a unique topic that I will most probably never use in my life. On the other side, spending 10% of my time to learn many different new concepts (new idea/topic/problem every month) and maybe share new ideas, look at a recent interesting paper, would be great :-).

That is, I prefer broader knowledge (which can be deepened if needed) as deep knowledge in a seminar. Because to acquire a deep knowledge, you will not find a topic that suit everyone (or even half of the people).

SUGGESTION: For example, why don't everyone pick one topic and is responsible of this topic for one-two seminar ? He/she could do whatever he wants during this session (lecture, exercice, discussion, …) It could be any topic of interest for the person, which is not necessarily his/her research topic. Maybe it would be actually better if it is not his/her research field. This has several advantages:
1) One person is responsible.
2) We might see surprising topic
3) We stop the endless discussion, what will be the topic next week …

It is just a suggestion (maybe a bad one ?).


Re: open or closed by brianmoorebrianmoore, 24 Nov 2008 08:16

In the meeting yesterday I proposed the solution from my last post, and it turned out not to be very popular. It was said that the usual talks we are having are good for this purpose. I suggest that we make the effort to do this regularly then.

Re: open or closed by davidsevilladavidsevilla, 18 Nov 2008 10:05

In parentheses the number of sessions estimated.

  • Divisors: ample and very ample divisors and associated maps; Riemann-Roch theorem (1-2).
  • Singularity theory: Classification of singularities and other generalities (1); talk by someone who knows the field to see if we want more.
  • GAGA: 1-day lecture-overview by someone who knows it.
  • Resolution of singularities: resolution of curve singularities (Hauser-Regensburger); comparison with higher dimension (1-2).
  • Schemes: definition and many examples with the intention of gaining intuition for future appearances (1); talk by Josef and/or Niels on their views (alternative definition/approach?).
  • AG in robotics: talk by Brian on some applications and problems; further discussion of what he proposes (1).
  • Cohomology: to be discussed in 2009.
Next topics by davidsevilladavidsevilla, 18 Nov 2008 10:00
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