Choosing the structure of the 2008-2009 season

We can study one topic during the whole season, several small ones (2 to 4 meetings for example). Or we can work all together on one or more problems. Please write your opinions here.

  • Sample comment: Yes, that's great — David
    • Sample answer: You are sure? Why? — Anonymous
      • By definition — David
      • Which definition? — Georg
  • I think it may be better not to commit to only one topic, unless there is consensus on the topic. Otherwise some of us will be unmotivated. — David
  • There are two view points: Either to choose topics by curiosity (one or several), or to choose topics which are techniques everybody may once in a while need. I am inclined towards the second option. Such techniques are e.g. Riemann-Roch Theorem, cohomology theory or GAGA. I would be willing to give a survey on GAGA at the first meeting to (try to) convince the audience on its utility and beauty. — hh
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